Thompson Gulch and Manley Gulch Trails

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trail:Thompson Gulch trail is old logging road and Manley Gulch is single track trail.
difficulty:Moderate, several steep climbs
length:5 miles

Part of the trail goes through Woodlands Recreation Area which is an excellent place for lunch if it is not reserved by a group. Manley Gulch is one of the prettiest trails in Jackson. It is protected from logging, has many large second growth redwoods, rambles along the side of a beautiful gulch.


This is a loop trail that adjoins the popular Forest History Trail near Woodlands Camp. It combines an old logging road, along Thompson Gulch, and Manley Gulch, a beautiful single track trail in steep, heavily wooded terrain. The loop described here, is 5 miles in length and assumes at least two cars because the hike starts at one trailhead on Road 408 and ends on another trailhead on Road 408. Add another mile and a half if you prefer to walk back to the beginning trailhead. If you add the Forest History Trail, a four mile loop, you can bike or hike for a total of 10 miles.

This trail starts at the top of Thompson Gulch off of Road 408 at mile post 8.50. There is a road sign (730) on the west side of the road and a black and white gate at the beginning of the trail on the east side. (#I START). This is an old logging road that drops 800 feet to the Little North Fork of the Big River in Woodlands, after 2 1/8 miles. Turn right at the bottom (#2), cross a bridge and proceed for approximately 1/2 mile, until you see the sign for Observation Point (0). Turn right again and head northwesterly on the Manley Gulch Trail. After 2 1/4 miles, you reach Forest History (#4). Turn right and continue 1/8 mile to Road 408.

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Trails Map

Hare Creek Bunker Gulch Brandon Gulch Caspar Creek North Thompson and Manley Gulches Forest History Russian Gulch S. P. Berry Gulch Trestle Trail Indian Springs Chamberlain Creek and Camellia Park Gulch

  1. Hare Creek
  2. Bunker Gulch to Upper Hare Creek
  3. Brandon Gulch to Volcano Point & Riley Ridge
  4. Caspar Creek North Fork
  5. Thompson Gulch and Manley Gulch Trails
  6. Forest History Trail
  7. Berry Gulch
  8. Trestle Trail
  9. Indian Springs
  10. Chamberlain Creek Trail & Camellia Trail
  11. Park Gulch Trail

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